This Stealth Jet Might Replace One Of The Most Popular Planes In The World

The C-130's been around for a long, long time. Korean War old. Propeller old. It's a hell of a tough old plane, delivering cargo and people reliably around the world, but it's time to replace it. How 'bout this monster?

The Lockheed "Speed Agile" looks like something the X-Men would pilot, but it's currently undergoing testing in the world's largest wind tunnel, owned by the Air Force. Designed to be super flexible and capable of landing in "oh, shit, there's no runway" settings, the Speed Agile would also be able evade radar for crucial runs. The one you see here is only 23 per cent of the real deal. Which doesn't exist yet. But if it ever does see the light of day — which is a huge if, with any military prototype — it'll be gigantic. I just hope they build it tough enough to withstand a direct drone hit. [DEW Line via DefenseTech]

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