There’s A Solar Powered Webcam Near The Top Of Mount Everest

There’s A Solar Powered Webcam Near The Top Of Mount Everest

OK, I think it’s official. There’s nowhere on the planet you can escape the glare of a camera lens. Scientists from Italy have installed a solar powered, web enabled camera near the top of Mount Everest — and everybody’s invited to watch.

We’ve already seen Twitter enabled on the top of Everest, as well as high resolution models that allow you to scale Everest from the comfort of your couch. Now you can check out Everest’s snowy action via high definition webcam.

The camera in question is a Mobotix M12, running off solar power but at temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees, which is I suppose the kind of thing you’re going to have to endure if you’re trying to claim the crown of the world’s highest webcam. Needless to say, you could go higher by placing one on the peak, but then what would you look up at?

The Webcam stream is live for pictures only — you can follow it here — and updates every five minutes.

A quick note to those who still have nefarious Everest-related schemes in mind (and of course, our loyal Abominable Snowman reader community); the Webcam’s switched off at night. Go crazy then. [Evk2cnr]