The Strongest Pro-Genetic Engineering Argument Yet

The Strongest Pro-Genetic Engineering Argument Yet

The creature depicted here is both between and beyond classifications. Every bit as cunning as a megashark, even deadlier than a crocosaurus. It is terrifying, it is awe-inspiring. It is $US24.99 at Party City.

The Doggie Raptor. The Doggie Triceratops. The Doggie Stegosaurus. The Doggie Shark. The Doggie… Tortoise? It’s the most adorable re-imagining of The Island of Dr. Moreau in recent memory. Too early for Halloween? Please. You don’t need a season to strut your mutt. You need a state of mind.

And now, a short list of puns that were rejected in the process of writing this post:

Pawleolithic Era Barkeologists T-Rex Fidosaur Artifetch Indiana Bones

If you can think of a better reason to play in Mother Nature’s sandbox, I’d love to hear it. [Party City via Geekologie]