The iPhone 5 Event Is Officially October 4

Well, we pretty much knew it already, but now it's Super Apple Official: the next iPhone will show up on Tuesday, October 4 at Apple HQ in the US. That's 4am AEDT on the 5th in Australia. Oh yeah, daylight saving this weekend...

It's a nice looking invitation, ain't it? The icons are perfect: the date is the date, of course, the Maps icon is where to show up (Apple's campus), the clock icon provides the time, we assume (10am US PST), and the phone icon? That, paired with "Let's talk iPhone" might be a clue that Assistant—Apple's rumoured talk-control iOS feature—is going to take a big chunk of the spotlight. We'll see!

Gizmodo will be covering the announcement from the moment it starts until the bitter end. Start saving your pennies — it could be on shelves only a couple weeks later.

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