Telstra's New Half-Terabyte Plan Goes Live

Telstra's made some wholesale changes to its broadband plans (both fixed and wireless) for customers today. Still no sign of NBN pricing, but it's added data to wireless broadband and jumped from offering a maximum of 200GB to a maximum of 500GB on a plan. In a blog post on Telstra's Exchange web site, Telstra's Sarah Green (who describes herself as a 'Netaholic') outlines the new plan structures. It's still all largely built around bundling services. At the top end of the service offerings is a 500GB plan; that's still well below the 1TB plans that have been offered by competing ISPs for some time. All plans are offered on a 24-month contract basis; while I don't expect contracts to vanish altogether, two years is a very long time in broadband terms. The new pricing also simplifies (according to Telstra) its bundling discounts, with customers on a fixed Telstra line able to get a $20 discount on the new plans. If you get this via a fixed line service, it's called the 'BigPond Broadband Benefit', but if you're bundling with other products it appears to be the 'multiple product discount'. Either way, 20 bucks is still 20 bucks. Here's the revised broadband plans:

And the wireless plans:

One caveat here is that if you're an existing Telstra customer, you won't automatically be switched up to the higher volume plans, and may need to enter into a new contract to take advantage of them at all.[Telstra via Delimiter]

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