Someone Put A Giant 180m-Tall Lightsaber In The Middle Of London


    Wow. Brilliant idea!
    Looks great!

    I still have a vision of a giant kitten climbing up the side of it though...


      Goodies/StarWars mashup....nice!

      Dont tell Lucas, He will try to Sell us a stuffed toy kitty in a vader helmet with a yellow Goodies Tshirt

    Wait! how the hell are they getting that thing to terminate, so it looks like an actual sword, and not a giant laser? Gotta admit though, that tower is perfect as the handle! #]

      It's just hitting a cloud cover #]

    Sure it not a sonic screwdriver. Or even worse the Masters Laser screwdriver.

    What does Jesus mean by "disgrace that the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars is going to be", aren't most people happy with it?
    Also, those pictures look awesome.

      You've not seen the "improvements".

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