Shooting Challenge: 5 Very Different Home Office Setups

Shooting Challenge: 5 Very Different Home Office Setups

Your home/gaming setup is a very personal thing. Some of us like it minimalist, while others spare no expense in making sure it accurately reflects their personality. Check out these five home office setups as submitted by you guys for this week’s shooting challenge.

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Brett Harrison

This shot is one half of our home studio. It’s a soundproofed round brick dome we affectionately call the pizza oven. All the gear can be recorded and played back via the PC so anyone who comes over can pretend to be a rockstar. The sound-proofing also stops Wi-Fi getting through so I use ethernet-over-power to connect to a NAS for backing up the recordings. (One a side note, the sound-proofing also allows for late night poker nights to be held when wifey is home).

For the shot I used a Canon EOS 1000D with a 18-55mm lens (flash off, ISO 800, fstop of 3.5). To get the height I needed for the pic I put the camera in the corner on a tripod, put the tripod on the drum stool, put the drum stool on a piano seat and then used a remote trigger. Very precarious. Must buy a bigger tripod and a fish eye lens at some stage…


Giac Ietto

Equipment Used:
Canon 550D
16mm focal length on 35mm
No Tripod

I took this photo at our Studio in January for a possible album cover, didnt end up using it though.

Jupiter 8
and more

My studio is in Mildura, Victoria
We rent part of an un-used wine cellar between five of us who built/use the studio.


Paul Bamford

I’m a photographer and designer on the Gold Coast, and a frequent Gizmodo reader.
This is my home office. I was working out of the spare bedroom but when we needed the room for guests I decided to move out to the lounge. We never really used this space anyway because we’re mainly in the family room downstairs. I wanted a really simple space where I could focus on what I needed to do while also being a relaxing and professional so I could see clients there if I need to. The white IKEA unit holds books, magazines, other equipment and is a great place to display my vintage camera collection. I hate wires so they’re all hidden in a U channel that runs the length of the desk (which is just a painted door with $5 IKEA legs) and everything on the desk is wireless.

I use a 27″ iMac i7 with a Dell 24″ second monitor (or to watch TV while I work using EyeTV), the awesome huge screen, and great performance made the iMac an easy choice. For my Photoshop work I use a Wacom Intuos4 Wireless (which is awesome!). My files are stored on a Drobo (super easy redundant storage). I also have my Yamaha Electric Drums to practice on, and also the keyboard and guitar.

I do a lot of retouch work and well as photography and graphic design. My website is

This image was shoot on a Canon 5D MK II with a 16mm at f/5, 1/100 at 2000 ISO.


Josh Mckay

Camera Gear used
Q 2) I used a Canon 450D with a speed-light fired onto the ceiling for the photo on the left also used a tripod, blended two different angled photos of my work desk onto Photoshop cs5

Q 4) the image on the left i have a hp pavilion laptop under my desk hooked up to 32’inch Samsung series 6 tv/ monitor, mainly used for photo editing and watching movies and playing the PlayStation 3

right is a side view of my shelf with my prized possessions Vinyl records, ps3 games, old school camera’s and lenses.

Shooting summary

A Canon 450D, 18-55mm, speed-light, 580ex, tripod


Michael Nguyen

Used a Canon EOS 500D with an EF-S 18-55mm lens. Shot with settings of 18mm, F/3.5, ISO 3200, and shutter speed 1/80.

Unfortunately besides taking the pictures at low lighting coniditions I accidentally didn’t take the pictures in the RAW format so I could experiment. Took the shot on my bed.

A glimpse of my personal corner where I mostly get to ogle (I’m not a pervert I swear!) at my collectibles and game to my heart’s content on the 24″ BenQ LED monitor for 1080p goodness with my PC or PS3.