Samsung Has Like Totally Never Ever Copied Apple

Apple thinks Samsung has copied Apple's designs. Samsung doesn't think so. Apple also thinks the sky is blue. Samsung... OK, I'm kidding. I guess there could be some coinkydink going on between the two companies...take a look. What do you think?

Personally, I'm not convinced, just sharing. A Reddit user put together these images and there's probably more to the list that wasn't added in (TouchWiz 3.0?) that could be. You can find his full image here (or the last picture in the gallery). Not the first time one company has been inspired by another, but pretty interesting observations from the Redditor concerned. [Reddit via Daring Fireball via TUAW]

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    I dont think you can call it " The store showing apple icons" as all the apps Samsung are displaying are available on the android market with the same icon. In short its the developers icon, not apples.

      The developer you refer to is apple, genius. The icons are safari and the apple app store icon.

        Who cares if they copied. They copied better.

      The arrows are pointing to Apples applications such as Safari. Most of them are generic multi platform icons, but the highlighted ones aren't.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      Did you even read the article and look at the pics?

      Almost identical USB adaptors, Apple App Store Icons on display in Samsung stores and in-built apps that look the same. This isn't talking about the design of the devices themselves; it's looking at other aspects.

      Have a read of something before commenting

        Dudes got a point, Samsung may be taking a few liberties with packaging etc, but show me a tablet that doesn't look the same! Even the Transformer is the same without the keyboard adaptor. Showing things like identical USB ports and connectors is just stupid! The article is clearly written by a fanboy, the tone of his comments are quite derisive! Packaging is just boxes with pictures, the actual device, looks the same, because they all look the same! #[

          I'm sorry but the others have similar box designs, such as HTC:

          Dell has similar USB plug designs for their Streak range:

          RIM has a similar USB charging block for their Blackberry range:

          ... and as far as the voice record app is concerned, who really gives a fcuk!

          This article is nutting but fekking bullshit. Shame on you Gizmodo for jumping on the boat with it like everyone else...

            It's the sum of the parts but. Yes, every competitor has overlapping assets be in the product design, icons in the software etc. The issue in Apples eyes here is there is a single competitor that has in their eyes copied them in one to many areas.

            If it was just the box, or just the UI or just the product casing then there probably isn't an issue. When similarities are being drawn right across the board but there is an issue.

              Sony's tablet looks nothing like the iPad, check it out:

        Lets look at PCs.

        Most of them have 3 USB ports, a web cam, a full qwerty, the same design. Multi-gesture, some sort of Intel processor, etc.

        This how the industry should work, all companies copy each other, to a degree. The new ios 5 coming out has many features that wp7 has. I really dont understand fanboyism.

          Again Adam - READ/LOOK at the article. It's not that they are just similar in form and function, okay... sure they are the same product so they should be the same in many ways.
          But they are virtually identical IN EVERY WAY> The packaging, the layout of the graphics, the adapter shape and size. Everything. It's just pathetic, slavishly copying Apple. It demonstrates a complete lack of creativity and innovation. AT LEAST make things a different shape or style to save some face! Even if you are copying out-rite.

            How exactly are Samsung supposed to differentiate a propitiatory port like USB and plugs for sockets? I also never realised apple invented black rectangles and white boxes. Retro microphones going under Apple inventions as well? Only slightly embarrassing thing is the safari symbols which is obviously an oversight by an interior designer rather than an ouright attempt by Samsung to infringe on Apple's copyright.

              the Prada phone looks like the iphone also ...
              WAit up the prada was made years earlier before the iphone so the iphone actually looks like the Prada haha and it aint an android phone

      I like that you said Samsung is not copying Apple but then said that everyone copies each other.

      So which is it?

    Well if it is just a bunch of coincidences, how do you explain apple icons on the samsung shop wall?

    I reckon they are clearly copying the "look" of the ipad and I think you have to be pretty biased against apple to not see this. I wil leave it up to the court to decide whether or not apple has design patents that are being violated though.

      That 'Samsung' shop wall part is actually just someone not showing the whole picture just to make Samsung look bad.

      The store is actually just a mobile store in Italy and they have those icons as decorations throughout the whole store; it has absolutely nothing to do with the Samsung display in front of it.

      I'm assuming whoever originally posted that picture on the internet was just trying to stir up trouble; a.k.a. journalism.

        Well why did they replace the safari and apple app store icons with samsung logos after the gaff was pointed out?

          but no really.. who cares.

          "Since the Centro Sicilia store in Catania is a ‘store within a store’ it is possible that Samsung was not responsible for the display but it seems like it was endorsing it with the branding positioned the way it was." - The Next Web

          That's poor reporting, particularly for not asking the store if Samsung did request the positioning. Apologies, but I feel the article is written with what appears to be heavy bias, especially given the massive Apple link at the top of every page.

      And the icons are from the store where the Samsung store is situated. The "Samsung store" part is only the white area. The icons belong to euronics i think. Their store decoration.

    I suppose Apple designed Exynos as well?
    Fscking fanbois.

      Just because samsung designed some parts, doesn't mean that didn't copy other parts - especially those covered by design patents. What is so hard to understand about this?

      I can't make a new softdrink using the "coke bottle" design, just because everyone likes it. That would be theft and coke would sue.

    Well if you can beat them, beat them and rub it in their face.

    So what, they have similar traits; all new smart phones have lots of things in common.

    What would you use to show that you are talking into a recording device; a picture of an undercover cop? To subtle?

    Wouldn't if be nice to have all phones with the same usb connection so your docking station didn't discriminate.

    That samsung store could easily be photoshopped, or a dumb mistake by the marketing/store design crew. Hell when those guys played that joke on the apple store, by putting a windows logo on building. They put the colours on the logo up wrong.

    The article is funny, it's from reddit, mute point.

      I think the point of the article is to show a pattern of behaviour rather than any one similarity. Taken together it's pretty hard to argue that it's all just a single coincidence. There are plenty of android tablets that don't look like an ipad.

      I have nothing against android and think it is good for the consumer but labelling people fanbois for pointing out a fairly strong case of IP infringement is just juvenile.

        These articles are trying to make it sound like it's never happened before, and worse, it's a bad thing. There is lots of money to be made in the US from calling "Copy cat", it's not how it should be.

        The phone is in part, aimed at iPhone users. It's not copying, it's just making them feel comfy if they did decide to try an Android phone, without jumping into the deep end. They look similar I guess, but don't they all. Nokia still tries to stand out, but it looks like a ipod nano.

        Don't think it's directed at me, but I'm not saying anyone is a fanboi. OH sorry except for that Jesus Diaz, the .us writer, what a crock of shit he writes.

          No the fanboi comment wasn't directed at you. My apologies.

    So... Gizmodo
    You guys get kicked out of Apple butt sucking club because Mr Chen illegally showed the iphone 4, and now youre trying to get back in? or do you not want to be invited to Samsung product launches too?

    I doubt till will get you an invite to the iphone 5 event.

    oh and $100 this post will be deleted

      Millie -- Why would I delete your comment? You're doing a great job of looking silly on your own. 1. You use hotmail. 2. You're on Gizmodo Australia -- the US got kicked out, not us. 3. Jason Chen was cleared of all charges, and doesn't even work for Gizmodo anymore anyway. 4. That's the first time you've commented (at least with that address) -- so perhaps you're not from around these parts? Regular readers will know we're pretty much on Samsung's side with this stuff:

      5. It's OK to criticise. I welcome your comment. That even means I don't need to resort to call someone a fanboy just because they disagree with something. ZOMG, what a concept.

      Oh, and you owe me $100 bucks. ;)

      Thanks for playing.

        zing rofl !11!one one watevs

        nice reply is what i was gerneally getting at.

        wtf is hotmail anyway.

        Agreed Danny. I'm starting to wonder what some people want from a gadget site. I reckon Giz is overall pretty balanced and delivers articles for people on the fence and those on each side throwing rocks at each other. Keep up the good work.

        What's wrong with hotmail! It's actually pretty damn good!

          yeah... pretty damn good at collecting all my porn spam rather then going to my real address.

        How do you get a job working for Gizmodo? Sounds like a dream job

        Danny Allen, you're a great journo (sincerity).

    As much as I'm against all this bullsh!t that Apple is pulling - I have to agree with this article, Samsung have so obviously copied Apple here, which is such a shame since they really could have made something unique and awesome.

      +1... someone with some common sense....

      Yeah I feel the same. If it was just the physical dimensions of the phone like many people go back to then I don't think Samsung would have a case to answer. The issue is they seem to be drawing very close inspiration right through their product line up including marketing material, accessories and some UI elements.

      It's one thing to say theres only so many ways to build a rectangular display with a bezel, its another things when packaging and software begins to look similar. Other companies appear to be able to do more to differentiate themselves so I find it hard to believe that Samsung hasn't deliberately targeted the iPhone here.

    And here I thought Giz moved beyond flame-baiting. It appears some writers can't change their spots, regardless of how much mainstream criticism they receive.

    OH NO! My kettle and my toaster have the same shape plug!!!

      Yes, but those are compatible, unlike the samsung plug and iDevice plug.

    I'm sorry but the argument "it's impossible to make a tablet look different to an ipad, it has to look the same due to the nature of a tablet" is very weak. As an industrial design student I can assure you that there many many different approaches one can make to designing a tablet.

    Ideas and designs get copied all the time, if you can't say samsung has copied apple in some aspects you're ignorant, like-wise with apple copying and using other design ideas from other products. It happens.

      Not if you actually want to SELL one Nick.
      Try and put out tablet that looks completely and utterly different and see how many units you move.
      There's a reason most laptops, tablets, phones etc all look very similar. They need to be recognisable to the average (read "slightly dim-witted) consumer.

        Sorry buddy, you're wrong.

        Circa iPad, what did you imagine a tablet to look like? It's called innovation and it applies to more than just functionality. The iPad is most certainly not the first tablet but it also looks notably different to the ones that were in existence at the time of release.

        Don't get me wrong, cognitive intuition is important to comunicate to the end user what the product's functions are, but it does not mean that all products should look exactly the same. Conventional wisdom is not always correct.

    If the iPad was a Google product you guys would be wanting Samsung's blood.
    Just take the fact it's an Apple product out of the picture for a moment .. Samsung is ripping the product off.
    Your mum would get these mixed up in a shop easy.

    What utter BS.
    The more I see this story the more I think it's just crap.
    For the tablet to be usefull it must be designed in a certain way, it needs to be thin, light, and rectangular. This makes it fit for the task, the fact that samsung's is black and (OMG) apple's is black is the only thing you can claim is a direct lift.
    Notice that they don't actually show the two devices next to each-other, that's because only the stupid would mistake the one with the other (they are a different shape, not to mention one has Samsung written on it and has four face buttons). I have no problem with giving them curry over their marketing (which is a step too far), but the devices themselves are different shapes and sizes to Apple's, and have Samsung written on them.
    And as for the USB connectors... THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! they may look similar in so far as being a USB at one end and rectangular on the other, but I would put down money that it would turn real bad if you crammed the Samsung one into an Apple product, or the Apple on into a Samsung.
    Those who've bought Apple's concept that they coppied (device only, not looking at marketing / packaging) are either not giving it enough thought, or a fanboi (lawyers don't count... they're not people)

    um i think you will find that the so called samsung store is actually small section of a department store and samsung has no control over it

    as for the usb cord come on what other shape are you going to make it for a razer thin tablet

      This would seem to suggest otherwise

      I'm not totally defending Apple here (I agree blocking the Galaxy Tab was a dick move), but before Apple started presenting their products in this way, did anyone do that before? It seems to me you always had manuals and box covers on top of the product.

        Whoops, that was meant for the comment below this one.

        "Since the Centro Sicilia store in Catania is a ‘store within a store’ it is possible that Samsung was not responsible for the display"

        this is a quote form the article you linked ( i think they have got there design people to make the icons to put on the walls and the stores design people had a iphone so they used that as a reference ( they meaning the store not samsung)

        Damm i hit the wrong reply 2 lol :(

        was ment for lunchbox99

      Standard MicroUSB; any other proprietary shape they like.

    I'm not saying there aren't similarities but why show a USB cable and power adapter? And as for when you open the box, of course the first thing you want to see is the device you have just bought. Definitely fanboi biased. I just want the Samsung so I can see why Apple are so scared. Oh and hurry up and make public the 2 patents that Apple are using in Australia, so we can really see what it is all about!!!

    This article really annoys me, this turkey is comparing the following:

    1. Some App Icons
    2. 2 x Power adapter
    3. 2 x USB Cables
    4. Voice Record App

    The pettiness of the comparison is unbelievable. The fact that Gizmodo chose to repost it is laughable, this isn’t journalism people.

    This whole patent thing is ridiculous. The whole poit of them is to protect innovation and prevent theft.
    You CAN'T patent a general idea, like the shape and thckness of a tablet, thats just moronic. And this whole multi touch thing? thats also stupid. A tablet needs multi touch. As long as Samsung did not just directly "lift" Apples code for it, they should be able to come up with their own version.
    That said, I own an iphone 4 and a first gen ipad, and I love them both.
    Even if the samesung design IS based off the ipad, which it clearly is, as long as they developed it on their own, screw apple. They are just blocking innovation to make money. They should be happy with the fans and products THEY make, rather than holding eveyone else down with their high priced corporate lawyers.

    that's funny

    I remembered apple copying xerox for it's macintosh

    it's pretty much like a thief accusing a burglar a crime of stealing

    whoever wrote this article should get the ass. they are just too biased to be reporting tech news to the point where this article is just sad. article after article of just embarrassing apple fanboy bullshit from this idiot.

    I love Samsung, and hate Apple, but seriously Samsung, WTF are you doing? There are certainly some obvious attempts to copy Apple - at very least by the tablet packaging...

    I'm ashamed of you, Samsung. You broke my heart... :(

      If a faceless electronics company can break your heart, you have bigger issues mate!

    OH my god I think your right... same same for sure...

    I was also walking down the street the other day, I noticed this Holden Commodore next to a ford Falcon... we should look into that tooo...
    I mean, they were both...
    had 4 wheels
    had see through windows
    license plates
    and mirrors attached

    seriously.. they looked identical on the out side... clearly they have some problems to sort out...

    Maybe they are different on the inside...?

      I believe laws exist that require a car to have all of these things, besides the colour.

      If you think a Ford and a Holden look the same then you obviously weren't using your eyes to look at it. Details matter. Great, now I've got net rage!

    I don't think you can patent a design unless because if yo ucould then Pepsi and coke would be doing it with bottles, Coles and Woolies would be at it. Designers of kitchens, bathrooms and whatever else will be doing it.

    Everyone copies designs and this is something that is very weak in my opinion to use to stop selling something.

    I do think that this is a one (Apple) sided article, concerning the Icons, Apple has copied icons as well and some of those icons that Apple uses are from other developers and not their own.

    Apple copies others, why cannot other companies copy as well? Apple and their double standards

      Coke has patents on bottles.

      "Chapman Root approved the prototype bottle and a design patent was issued on the bottle in November, 1915. "

    Copying is copying.

    To fanboys: copying is a fact of life, all cars have 4 wheels, use an engine, drive with a steering wheel and use 1 accelerator and 1 brake pedal.

    Sure there have been variations on the basic design of cars i.e. Reliant Robin with only 3 wheels, but there is a reason why they are not popular or even available anymore.

    So stop making a big deal out of someone else copying Apple's designs. If anything, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    To haters: You still can't deny the fact that there is possible copyright infringement. As much as I think Apple are patent trolls, by law they are allowed to defend their designs, even though I think they should stop patenting everything under the sky so as to encourage innovation.

    In any case, why wouldn't you copy something that works? No point fixing what ain't broke.

    So start admitting that Samsung is copying already.

    Oh my word...
    Hyundai copied Toyota, who copied GM, who copied Ford!
    Have you seen them? They all have 4 wheels, an engine up front, stearing wheel, gear shift etc. They're practically identicle!

    Grow up tech companies.
    Standardisation and "like-ness" will actually GROW the market.
    The PC market (Windows, OS X or Linux) would be nowhere near the size it is today if it wasn't for the PC clone makers back in the '80s

    1) Noticed the lack of side by side comparison between the two tablets. Definitely suspect, especially since the aspect ratio and dimensions are different.
    2) I'd like to see Haydos's full wall just to be sure, but I've seen a similar thing. I saw an Apple iPhone right below a Samsung logo that was in a front display counter. The Samsung logo was actually from a display right behind it, but it was humourous at the time.
    3) Has Giz posted a listing of the items that Samsung has actually designed and made for Apple? We know they've worked collaboratively on chips and internal stuff, but does that include the outside peripherals? Also, funny enough, I have an ancient adaptor from the eighties which is a small rectangular box you plug the main converter cords into. Looks exactly like the USB and Power Adaptors, only it's made by Audiovox.
    4) "Opening the box" - that's a marketing ploy, all companies that package "lux" items that are typically playthings or completely unnecessary place their items on the top so that there is a sense of instant gratification when you open the box. Look at women's perfumes, expensive watches or jewelry, etc.

      Has Giz posted a listing of the items that Samsung has actually designed and made for Apple?


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