Riot-Busting Backpack Scorches Your Face, Dyes You Blue

If you're rioting/looting/celebrating the victory of your local footy squad, and you see a cop with one of these — run in the opposite direction. The Crowd Buster is well-named, firing 20 litres of pepper spray up to 45m.

But it's not just pepper spray — oh no, this isn't something you keep in your purse. The Crowd Buster is so menacing, it requires a crew of two to operate — one to hold the pack, and one to spray — I mean, disperse — the shit out of everyone. Pellet-fire or fine mist modes are both available, should you want to target particular miscreants or just gas a giant crowd. And once they're writhing in pain, they won't be able to slip away anonymously — the spray contains a dye that sticks for up to three weeks.

Still, I think I'd rather go up against this monster than the taser-launching helicopter. Police are getting some very imaginative new toys! [AWT via KitUp!]

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