Ricoh GR Digital IV: A Fast Camera Gets Faster

Ricoh's new GR Digital IV is stocked with the same 28mm f/1.9 lens (fast) that made its predecessor awesome and a new 0.2-second autofocus. (Faster.)

How much faster? Twice as fast as the GR Digital III. The key to the blazing focus speed is the hybrid AF which combines the information from Ricoh's new external autofocus sensor with the internal one. Ricoh also added a continuous AF mode that shoots 1.54 fps.

What else is new? The high-resolution three-inch LCD has been upgraded to 1.23 million dots. The sensor's been equipped with a new stabiliser to help reduce blur. And unlike most things that get faster, the GR Digital IV also got a little fatter, growing 7mm to 32.5mm wide.

Like the GR Digital III and the brand new Canon S100 this camera is a serious photographer's pocket camera. But while the S100 got some refreshed hardware, the GR Digital IV is stuck with the same lens and 10 megapixel CCD sensor — very nice but not new. At least when its available sometime soon, the GR Digital IV will come in an eye-catching limited edition white. (Don't ask why a photographer wants to be eye-catching.) No word on price. [Ricoh]

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