Pixely '90s Cursors Make Retro-Wonderful Tablet Styluses

There was a lot of charm to the bygone experience of using a computer in the '90s; I remember the nuances of my modem's soothing screech better than the hook from "I Want It That Way" (which is reallyreallyreally well). And the goofy pointer finger cursor was so wonderful that this novelty cursor tablet stylus is actually kind of tempting.

The Big Big Cursor and Big Big Arrow styluses have rubber tips that are apparently fairly accurate, and can glide for scrolling and drawing. But let's face it, if you're buying this thing, it's not for functionality; it's to be the quirky guy in class taking notes on an iPad with a little white finger. The Arrow and Cursor are $US13 each and available now. [Big Big Cursor via Wired]

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