Pirate Party Launches 'Facebook For Movies'

Something tells me Hollywood isn't going to 'like' this one bit. TorrentFreak reports that the Czech Pirate Party is launching a movie download portal that it describes as a 'Facebook for Movies'. The site, Moviehome.cz, is one of a number of sites that the Czech Pirate Party has launched in recent months with the intent of repeatedly stating that simply linking to a resource — none of the sites actually host copyright infringing material — isn't in itself a crime, as the Internet is built on links.

The social aspect of the site comes into play as the site doesn't just host downloading links, but also user reviews and commentary on movies. Before you fire up your download quota in a frenzy of excitement, it's worth noting that Moviehome is in Czech; unless you're fluent in it (I'm not), then even Google's translate will only give you a sketchy impression. There's also the whole issue of how wise it would be to sign up to a social networking service and put your name implicitly on activity that (depending on your location and the laws of the land) may well be illegal itself.[Moviehome.cz via TorrentFreak]

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