Picture Proof Of A Thinner, Wider iPhone 5?

We already got a big clue about the next iPhone's dimensions from Apples own icon, but Italian site Macitynet claims they've nailed it: an iPhone 4 in an alleged iPhone 5 case shows a huge size difference. Skinny! Flat! Wide!

The gallery shows both an iPod Touch and iPhone 4 swimming with room in the iPhone 5 case, indicating that, yes, the next phone will probably be appreciably wider and thinner. Check Macitynet for the full comparison gallery. Everyone likes thin, but do you want a wider iPhone? [Macitynet via 9to5Mac]


    well at least they are bringing the smooth edges back, but i wont be going apple again

    Hmmm...that case might fit my HTC...

    The hole for the silent switch is cut out on the opposite side than the previous iPhones. I don't really think Apple would do that, but who knows?

    Nicely done in Android green. :P

    I hope that is the actual size of the next iPhone. I'm still gonna say chances are it's a fake.

    It looks remarkably like a modified 3GS case...

    I'm pretty sure that's a galaxy S case?

      Nope, the holes at the top are the other way around on the galaxy s

    why thinner? Its already flimsy and fragile enough as it is

      It may be fragile (considering that it is made out of glass) but how is it flimsy? It's actually made of an incredible strong type of glass that doesn't break if bent too far, and its not like it's easily bent

    looks a bit like the sgs.... hmm maybe samsung should sue apple over it....

    I'm calling fake because of the placement of the Silence switch

    Uh oh...thinner and wider will make it look like the Galaxy S2. Time to sue!

      Hahaha you hit the nail on the head dude.

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