Photojojo's Beautifully Restored '70s Polaroid Is Worth The $US300

Polaroid's latest cameras are interesting looking, but really, ain't nothing like the real thing: a vintage, gorgeously futuristic instant film SX-70. They haven't been sold since 1977 — but you can snag one for $US300. There are only 50. Tempting!

Each SX-70 is restored to out-of-box condition, Photojojo claims, and this is a camera for which condition matters: the things are fantastic pieces of design. The SX-70 collapses perfectly into itself, a la Bond, aside from taking the self-developing snaps you know a million times over. You can even pick up some instant film, so you can do more than just stare at the thing. There are some deliciously designed cameras out these days, but it's hard to imagine anything approaching this piece of hardware from several decades ago. Which is a shame. [Photojojo]

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