Nikola Tesla Predicted Faster-Than-Light Particles in 1932

With Einstein's universal speed limit in a jumble after CERN did what it does best, it appears Nikola Telsa could have saved the international science organisation some trouble. It's a well-known fact the Serbian engineer was way ahead of his time. But close to 80 years? That's quite a prediction.

Personally, I'm holding out until the experiment is repeated. Einstein's theories have stood the test of time remarkably well, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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    What are you talking about? Neutinos (the subject of CERN findings) are sub-atomic and massless whereas neurons are atomic and relatively massive. Nothing to do with each other in this context.

      From my understanding, neutrons and neutrinos were not clearly defined until 1934. In this quote from 1932, Telsa is actually referring to neutrinos, which are the smaller of the two.

        You're right, Logan - though they were theorised in the 20s, neutrons were only properly observed in the 30s. The term was about as up for grabs when Tesla wrote this as 'wormhole' is today; everyone knows kinda what one is, but as they've never been actually seen different theories abound about exactly what they might be or do...

        My question would be whether Tesla meant faster than c, or faster than the speed of light in a medium like air or water. Tesla surely knew that electrodynamic theory defines c as a cosmological constant independent of actual light, so I wonder whether he was actually talking about finding some form of extremely penetrating radiation which travels through a medium faster and further than light (not sure about the comparison between the speed of neutrinos and light in glass/water/something).

        But then why not say that? He coluld have been more direct if that was what he was talking about. I'd love some context for this quote, if you've got any - I'm speculating pretty wildly...

      Neutrinos apparently DO have mass.

        Yes, neutrinos do have a tiny mass. If they were massless they wouldn't be able to oscillate between the various "flavors" of neutrino -- which, incidentally, is precisely what this experiment was set up to measure when they accidentally came across this result.

      NeuTrons (which ARE sub-atomic), not neurons, which are cells.

    but how fast could a tribble travel ??

    Bloody hell people! It's not like Logan wrote the the thing! Let's wait to see if the experiment actually pan's out, before we start getting overly exited, eh!

    I'm still waiting for the global, wireless, energy grid. :)

    Haven't we known that Chuck Norris can run faster than the speed of light for ages?

      True, but he doesn't need to. Light slows down in his presence.

    No disrespect to great minds of our time, but we are hopelessly arrogant if we think we understand all of what the universe has to offer from our small point of view from our small blue and green planet in our insignificant corner of our tiny galaxy...

    It's the equivalent of an Ant in the middle of a park looking out of his telescope and saying "I comprehend combustion engines".

    Lets me honest with ourselves.

      Nobody ever said we think we understand everything. Obviously we don't yet, but maybe someday we will. Is that a hopelessly arrogant statement? If so, why?

        Nothing arrogant about optimism. I am just stating the fact that there is much left to discover...

    [email protected] and Lillee I love your analogy :)

    It is true that we have much more to understand but we are still allowed to speculate and be excited when the previous deductions are blown away.
    Darwin said that science is provisional, it is only the best conclusion drawn from the current known facts! Smart cookie he was ;)

    I have mass, therefore I am.

    "Einstein’s theories have stood the test of time..."

    Time is relative.

    Can I please get a source on that quote? What book of text is it from etc? This is the only place I have found it, and I'm not sure of the quotes validity.

      Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper, July 10, 1932

        Thank you, it's good to be able to reference it properly. Nothing worse than quoting something and not being able to cite the source.

    Einstein’s theories have stood the test of time but tesla gave us light and radio and xrays and much more than einstein did. His time is coming and it is well deserved...

    Fuck Einstein! - Love Mileva.

    yea big deal, what is neutrino what is hier in mongolia not importent. importent is faster than ligth particles in 1932!!!

    Einstien thought he was wrong[well incomplete] thats good enough for me. Most of Teslas work is still classified, and the people who keep it classified haven't wasted money on accelerators for years.
    neutrinos are the nearest thing to nothing we've found and nothing goes faster than light.

    All that I am interested in is whether we could travel faster than light. Its a no-brainer that Einstein was obviously wrong on the speed limit and the repeat of this experiment will show exactly that! The existence of the known universe proves that matter has traveled faster than light. How? If the big bang happened 13.7b years ago wouldn't the farthest particle from us be just 27.4billion light years away? tahts assuming we are at the edge of the universe. But this is not so as although the farthest known so far is 13.2bly its simply the limit of our telescopes and we cannot say for sure its the farthest! Particles have obviously moved faster than light only that we have not been able to see or identify them

      Having no background in physics whatsoever, I think I can field this one. It's an excellent observation too by the way (silly Einstein!). The fact (and by "fact" I mean something I read on a magazine cover) that the known universe is approximately 42 billion light years across 13 or 14 billion years after the big bang is due to spacetime itself expanding faster-than-light. Not the matter, but the toybox in which it all sits. Like when you pull the tablecloth away and all mom's best china goes with it! I hope this helps. Geez...someone stop me!

    Dial the words into Google -- lots of results for the quote eg

    Nothing stands the test of time!

    Think about it

    in Quantum physics the third law states if you know an objects speed you cant know its the same time As normal I look at all laws of science and attempt to find holes in there logic as I look at Quantum physics laws I place my self on a train with a tracking computer on board with me as I look at the gauge that says I am going 50mph I also look at the computer that has where the train is located from this I know the speed and exact location of the train Logic always overpowers science once again if I am wrong please explain why this is or change the law of Quantum physics!

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is.

    Tesla ftw!

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