Missing Tech Executive Resurfaces After 20+ Years

Missing Tech Executive Resurfaces After 20+ Years

After $US100 million in back taxes to Ireland, Singapore and elsewhere, and 20 years after he vanished off the face of the Earth, tech baron William H. Millard has surfaced in a rather unsurprising locale: The Caymans.

Now 79, the founder of ComputerLand Corp.’s last known location was the island of Saipon waaaay back in 1990, when I was just beginning to discover the Seattle grunge scene and “plaid” for the first time. Says the always accurate Wikipedia, ComputerLand was one of the original computer retail stores at the beginning of the “PC revolution.” Millard sold the company for $US200 million in 1987.

For more than 20 years after that period in time, Millard (a previous “richest man in the world” contender) was able to avoid authorities for more than two decades.

Until today, that is. As reporte by the WSJ, Millard and his wife were located in a “yellow mansion” on Grand Cayman bu the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (where Saipon is located).

What now for the 79-year-old? Prison, hopefully. Iron bar, Pirates of the Caribbean-style prison. With a monkey of some kind. [WSJ via All Things D]