Is Digital Money The New Way To Buy Drugs?

I'm not gonna name names, but someone just mentioned paying for weed with a Square account. It'd be equally easy to use Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin (RIP) or any of the myriad mobile payment systems that allow you to send money from your phone.

I mean, think about it: As long as you don't put some idiotic note on your account like "drugs", virtual currency would be a really easy way for drug dealers to take one very dangerous aspect of trafficking out of the equation — as long as they took some precautions.

So have you ever bought drugs using a mobile payment system? Is this a really tired scheme that a innocent lad like me just hadn't ever heard of?



    So you're recommending that people undertake illegal transactions using a third party service that requires people to register and keeps logs of transactions. Fess up, you're an undercover narc aren't you.

    I've paid just using bank xfer, but I've known my guy for a very long time.

    Umm, no.. Who the heck does that?
    That silk road thing was stupid too, unless you're a social-retard who relies on the net ;)

    I guess this is possible, buri think you'd have to be like Mick, know your guy fairly well.
    It's pretty weird..

    I'm going to assume you ask the question, tongue in cheek! But don't forget it still has to go through customs if you are buying from overseas! Our customs people are pretty switched on these days. As for in country, it's still a dangerous game to play, anonymous payment or not! #{

      No they're not. They're too holding protests demanding to be paid more, despite them all being overly useless with the combined IQ of a pug.
      I suppose they're not as bad as airport security though. The number of times I've walked past a security guard sitting in their chair ASLEEP with sunglasses on is amazing.

        Mate, honestly, I couldn't give two shits about what you think! Do us all a favour and pull your head in! Oh, and you can reply with whatever rant you like, and no doubt you will, because you are too childish not to! However it will fall on deaf ears! You are a troll of the worst kind, and I am done with you!

        Ah crap,... thought you were that idiot "Allegoryator" or whatever he calls himself normally! Apologies... I still think our Customs are pretty good though! #]


          Lemme take my glasses off first...hmmm nope still don't look the same :p

            Yeah, sometimes I react to the comment before actually engaging the brain, once you get past 50 you're allowed one a month, it's the law!! #]

    No sir, Cash every time. always.... never EVER leave a paper tail....

      But you'd look so cute with a paper tail... heh, sorry dude I just couldn't resist! #]

    Bitcoin didn't even come close to dying.
    Journalists feeding off each other's hyped headlines doesn't make it so.
    So many journalists do their 'research' by reading what other journalists wrote - it's really 'Diligent Journalism (RIP)'

    Why would a drug dealer accept paypal? All the buyer has to do is claim they never received the goods and paypal will refund them.
    The buyer could be working for the police and then contact paypal and ask them to help them trace the seller. Since the seller has to have a verified account to withdraw the money they can then trace the bank account and the dealer.

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