Gundam Leica Camera Doesn't Really Have Anything To Do With Anime

When I first heard about a new Leica camera being designed by Kunio Okawara-sama, the man responsible for the mechanical design of the insanely popular Gundam anime series, I nearly shit myself in excitement. Then I saw what it looked like.

I believe "disappointment" is too weak a sentiment. This "Okawara Factory" limited edition — only 200 will be produced — V-LUX 30 is a regular V-LUX 30 but has a laser engraved design that makes the camera appear as if it is in the process of disassembly. Wait, that's it? $US1150 for a camera that just looks like it's been partially stripped. What. The. F**k. [Highsnobiety via Peta Pixel]

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