Google’s Product Bloodbath: The Full Rundown

Google’s Product Bloodbath: The Full Rundown

Google makes dozens of products we use everyday — they’ve killed plenty of disappointments, too. Now Google’s getting trigger-happy on some of its babies. Here’s a list of what they’re knocking off to make way for the bigger and better.

Google bought the social question and answer service Aardvark in 2010. Don’t be surprised if they build some Aardvark’s functionality into Google+.

Google Desktop
Google’s desktop widget allows you to search the web, email, as well as files on your computer. Google says that now that people do everything in the cloud, it’s no longer useful. Google will say goodbye to Desktop on September 14th.

Google Pack
Google’s free software bundle — applications like Skype, Abobe Acrobat Reader and Google Earth — will also be knocked off. Google says people don’t download software anymore.

Google’s browser extension allows you to make comments on a website with your Google account. It was supposed to be a way for users to share suggestions with a website’s author. Google wants to shift its focus on to other social products (read: Google+). Off with its head!

The other, smaller products that killed of today include:

Fast Flip
Google Maps API for Flash
Google Web Security
Image Labeler
Subscribed Links

Full details of the massacre can be found on Google’s blog. [Google]