Gibson's New Future Guitar Will Melt Your Ears

Gibson guitars are some of the finest ever built. Period. Their latest future guitar is strapped with Gibson's most advanced digital sound technologies yet to help you shred like Hendrix — or whoever it is you want to sound like.

The Firebird X is a Gibson Firebird loaded with electronics that are supposed to make the classic design into a versatile guitar that can sound like anything. By using the onboard digital sound processing, which is controlled with switches on the guitar's body, you can achieve exploding distortion or loopy tape delays without ever stomping down on an effect pedal.

Infinity sounds! Awesome, assuming the effects sound as good as this axe looks. Gibson says the Firebird X's analogue to digital conversion is the best in the industry, and they've clearly put a lot of thought into making the guitar's sound endlessly tweakable. The variety of sounds still can't be everything to everyone, and with a limited release and a $US5570 price tag — it won't be. [Gibson USA]

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