Facebook Beats Toilets In Survey Of ‘Things You Can’t Live Without’

Facebook Beats Toilets In Survey Of ‘Things You Can’t Live Without’

To urinate or update Facebook with pics from last night’s drunken debauchery? That is the fundamental anatomical pop culture question for our time.

This is true! You see, according to a new survey about life’s necessities, people with bladders far stronger and larger than mine would rather have Facebook in their lives than a toilet. Take that, overrated excretory system!

Facebook, on the other hand, has Zynga games and opportunities for hooking up with high school chums and, well, many other things that are apparently much more important than voiding bowels or healthy kidneys.

All is not lost on today’s youth, however, as the Sun and three other things actually placed before Facebook on the London Science Museum’s 3,000-person survey of “things you cannot live without.” Internet was second, followed curiously by that life-giving elixir known as “water” and a refrigerator (where, we must assume, people are storing jars of excrement so they don’t stink up the place?).

If any of the seemingly immortal survey-takers out there want to comment on their superhuman Facebook-enabled powers, please give us a ping. [Daily Mail via CNET]

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