Consultant Terrorized 100+ People, Watching Their Every Move

Consultant Terrorized 100+ People, Watching Their Every Move

It’s one thing to have some sort of “noble purpose” when you grab nudie pics from a person’s computer. Extorting people for them and making money off their identities is quite another. That’s what 32-year-old Luis Mijangos did, and it’s completely vile.

Working out of Santa Ana, the paraplegic Mijangos made about $US1000 a week consulting and building websites. Not too shabby. However, he could make up to $US3000 a day hacking into people’s computers, rooting through their financial data, and causing an unholy mess with people’s lives. But it wasn’t just the money. He would infect their webcams and microphones, giving him behind the scenes access to people’s private activities, and allowing him to blackmail and torture them. According to ComputerWorld:

One victim, a juvenile identified by prosecutors only as S.G., sent Mijangos pornographic photos after he hacked into her computer and tricked her over instant message into believing he was her boyfriend. Mijangos then threatened to post the photos online if she didn’t send him more pictures.

Sick. Mijangos went above and beyond what the average identity thief would do and turned it into a twisted game for kiddie porn. He has since gotten six years in prison for his crimes. [ComputerWorld]

Image Credit: spaxiax/Shutterstock