Classic Notes + App Box For Android: Like A Better iPhone Notes App For Your Android Phone

Classic Notes + App Box For Android: Like A Better iPhone Notes App For Your Android Phone

Call me old-fashioned but I can’t get into those progressive note-taking apps because I love to write on digital yellow legal pads. There’s just something more note worthy about writing on a yellow background, you know? Classic Notes is that nostalgic pad with a TON of hidden features.

What’s it do?

Classic Notes+ App Box is a note-taking app that looks a lot like the iPhone stock Notes app or AK Notepad on Android, but with a lot more features mindlessly yet seamlessly thrown in. On the surface, it’s an ordinary notepad — you write, you type, you note, it really has everything a note taking app should have (import txt files, sharing notes, etc) — but hidden inside are nutty features like conversion options, tip calculator, weather, time, Wikipedia search, and a ton more crazy options (seriously) that don’t really belong in a note-taking app but are nice (?) to have as a backup.

Why do we like it?

When you try to do too much as an app, you end up overwhelming people (kinda like how I feel about Evernote) but because Classic Notes hides all those excess features in a menu option, you’re not smothered by features that have nothing to do with note taking. It’s sort of hilarious that they’ve added stuff as useless (for me, at least) as a mortgage calculator or water intake calculator. But hey! The more the merrier. Note-taking wise, you can sync your notes to Google Docs and Dropbox and add dates to Google Calendar. That’s what makes Classic Notes lovely, it’s dead easy to use for those who don’t want to be burdened with anything more than a notepad but also deeper for supernerds who love to dig in and sync the shite out of their notes.

Classic Notes + App Box

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The Worst

The extra apps are weirdly placed