Updated: Apple’s Hornsby Store Opening This Saturday

Updated: Apple’s Hornsby Store Opening This Saturday

Apple’s retail stores have been a key driver of the company’s fortunes in recent years, whether you’re a fan of the company or not. It’s been known for a while that the next store to open would be in Sydney’s north at Hornsby, and the company’s just revealed that it’ll be opening this Saturday at 10am. Not that they’d want you to notice it, though

Hornsby Westfield’s my local shopping centre, although I’m not sure at this stage if I’ll be able to make it there; the last Apple store opening I bothered attending was Bondi, and that was as much to do with the iPad launch as anything else.

It’s certainly a large storefront (just down the escalator from the JB Hi-Fi that’ll presumably sell fewer iPads from now on), more in common with the Castle Hill store than the pokey Chatswood one. Then again, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin? Apple still doesn’t love you… yet.

I’ve updated the story with the correct picture, snapped just a few minutes ago. Although it seems that Apple has had some kind of strange change of mind. The last time I walked past a week ago, the boards bore a prominent Apple logo. Now… nothing. What’s going on in there?

Now, go either wild and crazy or annoyed and apoplectic in the comments as best suits your mood.