App Deals Of The Day

App Deals Of The Day

Welcome to today’s app deals roundup, where you’ll find Graffiti Wars now free on iOS, Knot Wars for Android now free, plus lots more. Know of any other app deals? Share them with us in the comments.


Battle Bears BLAST for $0 (normally $2.99)
CLAW for $0 (normally $1.99)
Graffiti Wars for $0 (normally $0.99)
Destructopus: Total Ramage! for $0 (normally $0.99)
Rescue Flashlight for $0 (normally $0.99)
Photo Manager Pro for $0.99 (normally $2.99)


Life Quotes Roulette for $0 (normally $1.59)
Knot Wars for $0 (normally $1.86)