Anonymous Roars Back With 3GB Leak Of Police Chief Emails

Anonymous, after a relatively large period of doing nothing, are back with a vengeance. Even without their (arrested) de facto leader Topiary, they've punched Texan law enforcement squarely in their gut: a giant email leak, internal documents, addresses. Anon's back.

Anon explains the motives for the attack thusly:

We are doing this in solidarity with the "Anonymous 16" PayPal LOIC defendants, accused LulzSec member Jake Davis "Topiary", protesters arrested during #OpBart actions, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers worldwide.

But really, it's Topiary's arrest more than anything. That cut of the hydra counted for more than one head, and they've been hurting (and quiet) ever since. Or at least that's how it's seemed. Now, Anon says they've been spending the time dormant in Texan police servers, preparing for this moment.

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