Android On Intel Goes Official

We already knew that there were versions of Honeycomb being written for Intel's Atom hardware. Google and Intel are taking the relationship to the next step; all future versions of Android will run on and be optimised for Intel chips. Intel processors in Android phones. Intel processors in Android tablets. This is big.

Intel and Google made the relationship more implicit at Intel's developer forum in San Fransisco, announcing that all future versions of Android will have code-level Android support; in the case of Atom chips that means things like power saving and multimedia will function according to the capabilities of the given low-power CPU, while Intel's CPUs will also be seen in upcoming Android based phones.

Intel showed off a mystery Android tablet running on their Atom processor — a pairing we should expect to see soon. The prospect of handsets being able to choose from both ARM and x86 processors means we’ll have an even wider choice of guts to power our phones and tabs — definitely good news. It also means Android can officially be run on anything — complete ubiquity. [Intel]

The video below details the announcement, captured by Carrypad.

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