Airbus' Concept Corporate Cabin Will Be Costly

Having flown to Shanghai and Tokyo (and back again) in the past two weeks, my back and legs are in a state that could only be described as shattered. I'd give serious money for this concept cabin Airbus has up its design sleeves — but I probably don't have enough serious money to even get near the escape hatch. Comlux offers this sweet looking VIP charter service, which was recently on show at the Moscow Jet Expo. It's a custom build within an Airbus ACJ318 and seats up to nineteen passengers, with two bedrooms and bathrooms thrown into the mix. That's a fair bit more comfort than your average poky economy seat, although no pricing was listed. I'd say that in the best clichéd tradition, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. [Airbus via Born Rich]

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