Zune HD Gets New Apps, Even The Zune Is Confused

It's a shame that the Zune HD died so young. It had so much potential. But life goes HEY LOOK! Microsoft just released nine new Zune HD apps. For some reason... should we stop mourning now?

In truth, the whole Zune environment was effectively pulled into Windows Phone 7 earlier this year, when it seemed clear Microsoft had given up on their little music player that could. The Zune HD itself was put out to pasture. It was pretty sad, but everyone moved on. Zune now does well as the music and video layer for Microsoft's many devices.

So... isn't releasing 9 what sound to be ho-hum Zune HD-specific apps kind of beating a dead horse? I mean, Finger Paint? Tug-O-War? What's your plan, Microsoft? Isn't it past time to let go? [The Next Web]

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