Why Is This Guy Holding His Giant Ear?

If you ever wanted to start a conversation with an iPhone case, here's a sure-fire way: buy this giant ear case for the iPhone 4. It'll look like you have elephantiasis on your ear.

I can appreciate a cleverly hilarious idea and I don't see anything more OMG CLEVER than rolling down the street, smoking endo, talking on my earphone case (or sipping gin and juice, whatever). It's a case for everybody! For normal people: a conversation starter. For the hipsters: irony. For the suits: a sense of humour. For the old people: a really GREAT sense of humour. For the jocks: a giant ear to match their giant hands. For the nerds: because it's geektastic. For the freaks: it's a giant ear what's more freaky than that.

I could go on forever. Approximately $US21 [Through the Ears via Uber Gizmo]

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