Where Will All The TouchPads Go? To eBay Of Course

Where Will All The TouchPads Go? To eBay Of Course

Harvey Norman appears to have sold out of every last TouchPad it has… and they’ve started to resurface already at a steep online markup.

Well, that didn’t take long. The official list price for the HP TouchPad did indeed tumble to $99 (with Harvey Norman chopping an extra dollar off if you were prepared to queue for a rather long time) today, but at that price they didn’t last long.

HP’s statement regarding the TouchPad indicates that it’ll sell them online through its online store, but at the time of writing they were still listed at the original $499/$599 price, and as one commenter noted, you couldn’t add them to a shopping cart anyway. They may go on sale online, but I’m willing to bet you’d have to be both quick and lucky to score one that way.

If you’re really, truly, stupidly desperate for a taste of slightly-laggy WebOS action, we’ve noticed a number of “NEW!” HP TouchPads located in Australia popping up on eBay, starting at between $200-$400.

Yeah, we wouldn’t bother either.