Watch The Batwing Fly Through Streets For The Dark Knight Rises

Batman continues to get all the coolest gadgets. We've seen already Anne Hathaway riding the two-wheeled Batpod, and watched her stunt double crash it into an IMAX camera. Now we have Christopher Nolan's reimagined Batwing (or is it the Batcopter?) on set in Pittsburgh. Spoiler alert!

Sure, it's on a hydraulic rig, but watching it chase that truck (driven by Bane?) has me even more psyched for Nolan's final Batman film. More: Official Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer. [SubaruWrxFan YouTube and Razzi]


    Really? You put spoiler at the end of the sentence. The headline IS A SPOILER!!

    Bloody hell!! How much did they spend building that friggin rig... #}

      Yeah, you'd think 3D would be easier and cheaper these days. Still... there's some memorabillia worth owning!!

        You mean CGI. And easier/cheaper doesn't mean better. Nolan knows this, that's why is films are awesome, he uses minimal CGI.

          Erm, shows like "Battlestar Galactica' 'Stargate SGU' and 'A Game of Thrones' which are serial, and all use CGI have to get a lot of bang for their buck, and they all look fantastic! So I don't think realism is an issue for a big budget show like this using CGI! #]

            CGI is always getting more and more realistic, and cheaper, but it honestly can't match getting the real thing on film right now. CGI has this bad habit of eventually looking really dated. We've not yet broken through the uncanny valley.

              Fair enough, But we're talking about 'Batman' here, not a hyper-realistic SciFi,.. and now that the joker is actually dead, I doubt that it will be any better than the last one. So,.. why not use CGI it's good enough for me.... for now! #]

                The Joker's not exactly dead. He was caught at the end of TDK, only to set of the chain reaction involving Harvey Dent's remaining sanity.

                CGI is imperfect, nor is it applicable for every scenario. Watch BSG or GoT again, the CGI is used to garnish a scene, much like a matte backdrop used to. You can extend a wall to make it look like a castle, you can add digital soldiers to create an army.

                But with CGI used prominently in the forefront, it looks very bad. Especially when done on a TV serial budget (eg the Cylon Centurions in BSG, or Yoda from Star Wars prequels).

                  Actually I was talking about 'Heath Ledger' Simply irreplaceable! I agree to an extent about CGI, however as you said it looks bad in a cheap serial,.. but in a good one like I mentioned earlier, pretty damned good. In a big budget movie, they can get it perfect!! #]

    I still prefer actual models over CG.

    Did anyone else notice the Camo Tumbler in the still shot? Or just me?...

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