Video: This Isn't Your Typical Time Lapse

Watching Laura Lawson painting on this time lapse video shouldn't be anything extraordinary, but it is. The technique's different from how you usually do these time lapses, using a cool motorised version of a contraption called the Omni-Tracker:

We used a device called the Omni-Tracker HD a circular table top dolly, and helped the engineer motorize it. Turned it into a Circular Timelapse Dolly. Pretty rad stuff. No tracks or rails. We took it into the studio. It's not landscapes or long exposure time lapses which could get more wheels turning and drive people more towards commercial application for time lapse. There are infinite possibilities for this new device and we are stoked to be working with the developer hand in hand on making it more user friendly. Its pretty raw at this point. No motor housing, lots of bolts and screws. But we are working with him closely to get it ready for production.

Indeed, it's a pretty awesome gadget. [Thanks Mark!]

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