United Airlines Doesn't Give A Damn What You Lost On Their Planes

Steve Silberman suffered through a flight from hell. Not only did United attendants ask him to switch seats when the woman next to him irrationally demanded so, but after forgetting his Kindle on the plane, the attendants refused to grab it.

As the story goes, moments after stepping of the plane, Silberman realised he had forgotten his Kindle, yet nobody could go and get it for him because of "policy".

Then I remembered that my precious Kindle and the documents on it were still in the pocket of my old seat on the plane. I turned back to the gate and asked an agent if I could quickly reboard the plane to fetch it. That would be impossible, I was told. I was instructed to call United's lost-and-found number to retrieve my Kindle.

Silberman was greeted by an automated phone service and never heard back from United. When he called to deactivate the account on his Kindle, he dishearteningly learned that someone had already done so, meaning that it wasn't sitting in a lost and found bin somewhere.

And like he says, it's only a $US200 device, but it's a device that was a Christmas gift from his wife. A gift with meaning and a story behind it. That's a bummer. [NeuroTribes]



    hack em! cripple their online service, make customers leave them.

    bring them to their knees!

    rise Anons!

      Nah that'd just make things worse. Firstly they'd shut down all online services and make people fill in paper forms to fly but they'd also get aanother government bailout and cost the customers more whilst learning no lessons at all

      You're a tool!

        Learn to sarcasm.

          Learn not to douche

    This is very common. Working in travel insurance claims i see it happen across all airlines. The second you step off the plane, nobody can get back on and you will NEVER get your item back. The staff still onboard will find themselves with a free kindle/ipad/iphone etc etc.

    After my recent holiday in the states I vowe never to fly Delta, American or United again. JetBlue and Virgin were the only airlines worthy of my money!

      United was ok for me, apart from the psychotically friendly way they treated their "servicemen", that was fricken freaky... And the look on that marine's face; as if he was the king of the whole planet. America has to wake up to itself about its crazy love for all things military.

      American Eagle and American Airlines was perfectly fine too. US Airways though was shit and I would advise everyone to avoid them forever- bad, bad, bad service, deliberately excluding passengers from their flights so they can sneakily book on others and make up for overbooking on other flights, all using their standby system. Horrible, horrible, unhelpful service.

    I had been travelling a really long time, was tired, and leeft an iPad AND my partner's Samsung Galaxy Tab in the front pocket of the plane. Imagine my fear when I realised when I entered the terminal and realised. I rushed back across the landing gate and entered the plane. I think the security guard ws about to detain me for entering the plane illegally, but after I explained it to him, he went on board to get it for me instead.

    He came back and said he couldn't find them in my seat pocket and will need to contact los tproperty. One of the air hostesses offered to have a second look for me. She found them and gave ithem back to me. Phew.

    Airline was Qantas.

    Don't tell me you hadn't been warned - I've heard United breaks guitars (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo).

      "Should have gone by car"

    Oddly enough, the Texas based Southwest Airlines was the budget airline we always took for connections - they have and always were awesome, including fetching a $3000 laptop my friend left in the overhead compartment, and the pair of headphones that had fallen out of the pocket.

    Delta's gone downhill, and United and American have always been pretty suspect to me. Never any real issues, but really crappy hostesses and hosts that were for the most part rude and inconsiderate with very few exceptions.

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