Undetweetable Lets You Read Deleted Tweets

Undetweetable lets you view deleted tweets of other Twitter users. It's part creepy, part fascinating, and definitely a Twitter service you'll want to take a closer look at.

The online website lets you add a Twitter user to its database. From that point forward, the service will track the user and publish any tweets that he or she deletes. There's no hiding from Undetweetable. Once you're in their database, you are there to stay and your tweets whether stupid, inflammatory or risqué are available for all to see.

The service was started as a summer project by graduate student Bradley Griffith with help from Director Dean Terry of the MobileLab at the University of Texas at Dallas. It's meant to be a creative experiment in social media that explores data ownership and privacy. It's also bound to cause some controversy when people realise their deleted tweets have been resurrected from the dead. [Undetweetable]

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