This Toilet Seat Will Support Up To 453kg

This Toilet Seat Will Support Up To 453kg

America didn’t invent obesity, but we brought the game to a whole new level. And that’s why we have products like the Adjustable Advantage — a toilet seat that fits any rump — and can hold up to six average-sized bloggers.

It’s a “heavy-duty” bathroom accessory, designed to support toileteers up to half a ton. And it’s adjustable, too, so you can have one toilet seat that fits every booty in the office. Genius? Actually, yeah. Everyone should be able to poop comfortably, and larger people have it tough enough without toilet seats discriminating against them too.

Oh, and a note about the video: Clicking over to the website, we noticed a perpetually moving animated GIF of the toilet showing off its various positions. It seemed to be calling out, “I’ve got the moves, baby — now all I need is a beat!” Oh, we’ve got your beat. Toilet Dance REMIX!

[Adjustable Advantage via Crave]

Music: Kevin MacLeod