These Are The New Words In The Oxford English Dictionary

O Scholars of the English Oxford Dictionary, thank ye for blessing the words sexting and retweet and jeggings and mankini and cyberbullying on thy sacred book's pages, for now we would be able to feast upon them freely and properly.

In case you don't know the meaning of those words:

• Retweet: Sharing a Twitter message. • Sexting: Flirting by sending saucy phone text messages. • Cyberbullying: the use of information technology to bully a person by sending or posting text or images of an intimidating or threatening nature. • Jeggings: leggings resembling tight jeans. • Mankini: Bikini for men.

The latest edition includes 66,500 words, compared to the 38,000 words in the original one. [Daily Mirror via TNW]

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