The Batman Equation Is A Horrible Fraud

Great Descartes' ghost, Batman! The Batman equation, that Cartesian forumla that when plotted gave you the Batman logo, is a total lie! Or at least in error, says another mathematician! Maths fight! Maths fight!

Italian computer scientist Michele Filannino says that while the terms are correct, its general formulation is wrong. Filannino explains that the logo "is formed by multiplying six terms and then setting the entire expression is equal to zero. This is a conceptual mistake. In order to plot the Batman's logo you have to plot the six different terms separately on the same graph. Each term must be set equals to zero."

In very basic terms, for the equation to work you have to overlay six graphs on to of each other to get the logo. Or so it would seem! Filannino shows his work on his blog, but I'm quite honestly too ignorant of both the Cartesian coordinate system and Italian to do anything other than grunt concernedly at it.

Is there a Cartesian mathematics expert in the house?

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