SpaceX Will Send Its Dragon Capsule To ISS In November

SpaceX Will Send Its Dragon Capsule To ISS In November

It’s been known that private contractors would start making cargo runs to the International Space Station. But SpaceX finally got their first mission from NASA and they’re blasting off this November.

AFP reports that the Dragon Capsule will launch on November 30, and arrive at the ISS nine days later. It will be the first time a private commercial spacecraft will dock with the multinational space hub.

The mission is the second to be carried out by SpaceX, one of a handful of firms competing to make a spaceship to replace the now-defunct US shuttle, which had been used to carry supplies and equipment to the orbiting outpost.

Now that NASA has put their Space Shuttle program on ice, companies from the private sector are scrambling to fill the manned space travel void. Boeing, in particular, have also announced future plans to send a capsule to the ISS.

Meanwhile, NASA will focus on unmanned space travel in the short term, with plans to send the Curiosity rover to Mars next year, and will work towards their ultimate goal of launching a manned mission to the red planet. [AFP]

Image: NASA