Sony’s PlayStation 3DTV Hits Oz For $700 Later This Year

Sony’s PlayStation 3DTV Hits Oz For $700 Later This Year

You’ve already seen video of Sony’s 24-inch gaming TV in action, but you’ll soon get to try it yourself in shops. Sony has confirmed it’ll arrive in Australia “later this year,” bundled with two 3D shutter glasses. Are you interested, or is $700 too much for a 3D 24-incher that looks like a massive PSP?

As a comparison, Samsung’s new 23- and 27-inch 3D monitors start at $550, support PlayStation 3D, and have their own uniquely stylish asymmetric design.

Sony’s PlayStation-branded TV does have some unique tricks up its sleeve, though.

The big one is SimulView: the ability to present two players with full screen multi-player views using stereoscopic trickery. Sony has even patented this. The catch for the moment is that games will need to be specifically coded to support the feature, like Uncharted 3. Perhaps Resistance 3 will be, too, because its being bundled with the TV in the States – though not in Australia for some reason.

SONY: The PlayStation branded 3D Display was confirmed for Europe/PAL territories available this autumn, priced at €499 (RRP), AUD $699.95 (RRP),NZD $849.95 (RRP), including two sets of 3D glasses.

This 24-inch display, first announced at E3 2011, will provide consumers with accessible stereoscopic 3D entertainment for titles such as Uncharted 3. Perfectly suited to dorm rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms, the Display incorporates unique technology called “SimulView” that allows two people playing a game to see individual, full-screen, stereoscopic 3D images – it’s like having two displays in one.