Skitch For OS X: Creating Screenshots Has Never Been So Fun

Skitch For OS X: Creating Screenshots Has Never Been So Fun

Skitch for OS X has been around for so long you might have it on your computer and not even know it. But that doesn’t change the fact that it pretty much murders the standard OS X screenshot snapper.

What’s it do?

It’s a screenshot taking app (or video recorder) for OS X. And though OS X comes equipped with its own systemwide screenshot snapping method already (Cmd+Shift+4 anyone?), you can do so much more with Skitch: draw arrows to point out exactly what you’re referring to, type text to comment, create circles to loop in everything, and more. What’s great is that Skitch doesn’t overcomplicate things, think of it as using MS paint on top of your screenshots: you take your screenshot, doodle on it and share. Plus, when the app is open, it’s nearly as invisible as the standard OS X screenshot, you can only see the heart-shaped icon on your Menu Bar (you hit Cmd+Shift+5 to take screenshots). Oh and you can directly link friends to your Skitches or even throw ’em on to Twitter.

Why do we like it?

It’s incredibly easy and especially useful to highlight the exact part of the screenshot you’re showing off. Nothing is lost in translation with Sktich. And, also, my boss Joe Brown loves this app (he claims it should be app of the year). I can’t count how many times he used arrows to pin point how poor my spelling is, made circles to highlight the best part of a picture and spent 20 minutes creating some Skitch-based art (like the masterpiece up top). It turns something utilitarian into something fun to use. Boss aside though, every screenshot you take through Skitch is autosaved to the cloud (if you want), so you’ll always have that backlog of images on the ready. And let me tell you, there’s nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than scanning through old screenshots and trying to figure out the context.


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