Shooting Challenge: Great Photos From Tardy Giz Shooters

Shooting Challenge: Great Photos From Tardy Giz Shooters

We have strict deadlines here at Gizmodo, so don’t be surprised if we’re not lenient when it comes to late Shooting Challenge submissions. Here we’ve rounded up a few photos that came in too late to make the cut in three previous challenges, partly ’cause they’re cool, and partly as a reminder to get your shots in on time. Get your cameras ready for the next one — Danny will be making the announcement tomorrow.

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John Tang – Fog

Being a long time reader but only an amateur (if I can even call myself that!) photographer, I was reluctant to send you this picture that I took. It was taken on a Canon 500D with Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM. I don’t have any other details as I’m obviously currently at work.

It was about 1am in the morning and I was about to retire to bed when my lovely wife asked me to take the rubbish out. It was foggy and the light being dispersed by a nearby tree made me rush in get my car keys, drive it out and park it, set up my camera and tripod and proceed to try and capture good shot. Needless to say, I think digital photography for allowing me to do this and here is the result. I would like to thank my wife for making me go out on a cold night, the rubbish and mother nature for allowing me to capture the moment.

Rhys Crabb – Self Portrait

CAMERA: Canon EOS 400D
LENS: Stock Canon 18-55mm
SETTINGS: F22 / ISO 200 / Self Timer / Shutter 30″

A mate and i were hanging out and trying to get some of the boys over for some beers.
Turned out that everyone was either busy or just not that keen on hanging out.
SO…we decided to make a picture to make it look like we had lots of people round and that all the other boys missed out.
….Forever alone. Ha Ha Ha.

Chris Brown – Food

Not really of food, rather something eating.
I have a lizard ‘Eastern Water Dragon’ that lives on the second floor window sill of my bathroom. I think she lives these to escape a large male that lives around here.
Photo was taken with a Canon 550D on the sports setting with the 18-55 IS kit lens.
f-stop: 5
ex time: 1/500
iso: 800
focal length: 34mm