Samsung Officially Postpones Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch Event

This morning we heard Samsung's side of the story after Apple tried to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet blocked in Australia. Samsung remains adamant that an 'Australian model' will still launch 'in the near future' -- but now, as expected, that definitely won't be next week. Here's what Samsung has to say:

Postponement of Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 Media Launch Event 11th August 2011 In light of the current legal proceedings by Apple Inc. against Samsung Electronics Australia, Samsung regrets to announce it will be postponing its media launch event, scheduled for 11th August 2011, for the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

Samsung will announce a new date for the GALAXY Tab 10.1 media launch event as soon as practicable.

Gizmodo Coverage Timeline: - August 1: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian Launch Next Week - August 2: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian Release Blocked By Apple, Federal Court - August 2: Samsung: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still Coming To Australia ‘In The Near Future’ - August 3: Samsung’s Full Response On Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battle With Apple - August 3: Well, You Could Still Buy The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Online



    who cares... sum sung make cheap knock off crap!

      It's not the quality of Sum Sung's products that's in question here,.. it's the ethics of the 'Big Giant Head' that's behind all this nonsense, that in question!.. #}

      Wake up you noob Samsung supplies memory, processors and touchscreens to Apple, which is its second biggest customer with suply chain bad affected they just can't afford to lose Samsung as a partner. Apple also don't build nothing from scratch they only get other companies to built for them like Foxcomm. The desperation Apple its on at the moment has been reflected on this law suit without any ground. And how far a rectangular shape really can be patented ??? Only Apple think this is possible. Seriously Apple days on the sun is over dude.

        The fact that Apple recently overtook Exxon to be the world's most valuable company in conjunction with Apple having more money than the US Government might suggest otherwise.

      SGS2? Any one? I mean it is only one of the best smart phones you can get right now and is a lot better than the gen 4 Iphones.

        Of course the Galaxy S2 is better then the iPhone4. You are comparing a product from 14 months ago, with a product from now. Little bit of common sense would expect that to happen.

    Gee I hate Apple!

    Importing, this has decided it. Does apple expect me to go buy an ipad now?

    It is business... deal with it or get out of the game. If you like a product, buy it, if you dont like it, dont buy it. I do not understand these puerile commends of the maturity of school kids who stand on their high horses declaring a hate for a company.

    It is totally irrelevant. I would never buy a mac, they do not and cannot service any of my IT needs. However an iPhone and iPad do. They are the best at present, but I do not declare my blind loyalty either, I will jump ship the moment something better comes along. It is about the product, not the company.

    The blackberry playbook has the best hardware but a total fail in marketing, app store, lack of a 3g model and limited apps. The galaxy tab is light, a more open system than the ipad but a total fail in crashing apps, poor app store, flimsy device, support for flash yes but very choppy. iPad is the best because of the apps, the store, the look, the marketing etc. It wont always be the case but it is now.

      "It is business… deal with it or get out of the game. If you like a product, buy it, if you dont like it, dont buy it"

      See, most people would agree and they're TRYING to buy their Galaxy Tab... but they can't, because Apple says so. This is a case of Company A going above and beyond to sabotage Company B. It's no longer Apple vs Samsung, it's now Apple vs consumer. Whatever happened to the right to choose what you wanted to purchase, without the fear of someone else ruining that experience?

      What about the people who specifically wanted Galaxy Tabs? Your blind self-interest doesn't erase the fact that there are others besides yourself with differing needs and tastes. And for these people, they're getting shafted.

      Being rightfully pissed at this patent clusterf*ck doesn't paint a 'fanboy' target on my back. I don't use macs, but I'd be livid if someone else attempted to force them off the market, and away from the very people who want them. So exactly what part of this story doesn't strike you as being incredibly scummy?

      I don't even own a Galaxy Tab, I bought something else,... However I didn't buy it because of my dislike for "Apple" (well I did kinda) I bought it because I had the choice! If your mate 'Steve' gets his way we will all be forced to buy his crap!! #[

    Just business as usual. My understanding is all Sammy had to do was hand one over to Apple's lawyers last week, and they could sell it no worries.

    Not sure but I think Apple has to submit ne products to Sammy's lawyers as well?

    It's all just point scoring. Honest truth is Sammy needs Apple as their number one customer for Sammy built parts, and Apple needs them for their parts. So they are both just trying to get as many points in as possible before they non-doubt settle.

    It's great, a mate of mine has an iPad 2 and I've got my GT10.1 and we can't see any similarities between either of them when we compare em. They're two entirely different beasts for different consumers.

    He had a play around with my Tab and was like "dude, this is so different from what I'm used to with the iPad".

    I really wish people didn't argue and get all fanboyish about this kind of thing and just enjoy the device they chose. It took me a hell of a lot of research of weighing in the pro's and con's of every tablet on the market so far and ones coming out later this year before I finally chose the Tab 10.1... and yes, I did consider buying an iPad 2 but to be honest it never really did appeal to my personal tastes.

    Well... whatever.

    Why is the first half of all IT news these days about the latest legal injunctions. What happened to the excitement of innovation. Our patent laws are a mess and stifling progress. We are being conned by the big companies who have all the power. Lets get back to technology.

    yawn, fanbois on both sides here... buy it or don't, who cares reallY??!?

    We all need to protect IP.

    Especially from firms like Samsung who do little critical R&D and then go in and undermine other products by copying and mimicking them. How easy is that?

    This isn't just Apple who's winning here. It's every company who spends money on R&D.

      Granted, but it is apparent this has nothing to do with IP. Go check out how much of the iPhone is actually made by Samsung.

      Surprised Samsung hasn't just yanked supply of the components, sure they're losing one of their biggest customers but it would prove a point to Apple.

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