Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian Release Blocked By Apple, Federal Court

Apple has won a decision in the federal court that prohibits Samsung's Galaxy Tab from going on sale in Australia until patent disputes are resolved. The injunction means no Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch next week, and further expansion to the legal battle over 10 Apple-owned patents covering the touchscreen and "look and feel" of the iPad.

UPDATE: Samsung Adamant That Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Still Come To Australia ‘In The Near Future’

Apple and Samsung are now in court rooms across the US, Germany, UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Apple is also trying to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and some Samsung Android phones) blocked in the US; they're currently bickering over court dates.

Apple's legal counsel slammed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a "copycat tablet," while Samsung said they would argue some of the 10 patents are not even valid in Australia.

The next hearing is scheduled for August 29, and Samsung is required to supply Apple with three Australian 10.1 samples before then. Samsung will stop advertising the device until the matter is resolved, and Apple pays Samsung damages if they lose.

For all the details, check out iTNews, which was at the hearing: [iTnews]| Also: [Bloomberg]



    In other news, Apple is also suing fruit growers for copying the shape of their logo as well as the look and feel of an apple.

    Just had a brilliant idea, could some Steve sue Jobbs over infringing on their look and feel of a Steve?

    I just wish the general public would find out how rotten Apple is a the core and stop idolising iSteve and his iProducts.

    Glyn you just summed it up. Apple sues left right and center, but then shamlessly copies other people's ideas. Almost all the "new features" of iOS 5 are direct knockoffs of features on Android, and most OSX features are knockoffs from more obscure linux distributions.
    Steve Jobs has quoted Picasso by saying "talent borrows, genius steals" to justify some of the features of Apple products. Clearly Jobs thinks it's fine for Apple to steal, but heaven help any ideas going the other way!
    Saying that, I would like Samsung to try and be a little bit more distinctive with their designs. I love what they did with the Series 9 laptop, it'd be awesome if they could bring that same style to their tablets and phones.

    Personally I think the best tablet on the market is the ASUS Transformer because ASUS thought outside the Apple box and came up with something that takes the best of tablets but adds a whole new level of usability. That's why I considered getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but bought the Transformer instead.

      Everyone sues everyone left right and centre in this industry. For some reason people see Apple as a special case who shouldn't be allowed to defend their IP.

    Officially ruined my day... I've been dying for the 10.1 to finally make it here...

    Looks like apple's old ethos of "If you can't beat them, sue them" is once again at play here. Any wonder why there is so much resentment towards them these days. If you cannot innovate and LISTEN TO YOUR FUCKING AUDIENCE, and get things right the first time without having to release 8568794356783489 revisions of the same product adding 1 or 2 extra "features" that should have been standard, charging a premium for it and all the while saying "that was our idea". Sorry, but apple can go fuck themselves.

    Hey Apple, perhaps you should spend more on design engineers and less on lawyers. This is just getting stupid. I am in the market for a tablet and this move just put a big red line through the ipad on my shortlist.

    well apple better find someone else to make a 10" retina display for thier ipad 3 cause samsung might just tell them to 'fuck right off'!

    Sick of apple and thier shit.. go after the real copycats, the chinese ones that actually try to copy products to the tee.

    Die Jobs just die.

    Get over it everyone. Its all part of being a ruthless business man! Its protecting your product (even if they do copy or steal ideas) If you were in the same position and had the opportunity to reduce your competition to give you a larger market share you would be doing the exact same thing.

      Incorrect. Have you ever heard of "monopoly". This is exactly the same thing Apple were complaining about regarding Microsoft all those years ago. Shit, if it wasn't for Microsoft bailing Apple out, there wouldn't BE an apple today.

        can I sue Telstra for being an evil MONOPOLY!?? NO!

          Telstra doesn't have a monopoly on anything.

            yes they do, its called the area 2, 3 areas of the country for Telephone and ADSL... no COMPETITION allowed! some research would help you not looking stupid!

              Dominating a niche isn't a monopoly. And in many cases, these areas are downright unprofitable to supply coverage in.

        Sorry, that made no sense. You just made a statement about Apple allegedly trying to create a monopoly and backed it up with an example of Microsoft creating more competition by bailing Apple out. Have you heard of a monopoly... Its when a single entity tries to or does control and entire market, i.e the Tablet market.

      I understand it from a business perspective. They're frightened of competition and rather than design better products to differentiate themselves, they hire lawyers when they should be hiring engineers.

      Just because it's expedient for them to sue, doesn't make it any less scummy. Especially when Apple's corporate image is all about being the hip alternative to the 'square' Windows and now Android.

      Remember those 1984 commercials where they were positioning themselves as the opponents to the drab Windows monopoly? Now it's completely flipped. Even MS didn't shamelessly sue left and right.

    Most of these patent fights are just pissing contests. All manufactures seem to be guilty of being douches every now and again.
    But it's getting really retarded now and things like bickering over how a device is unlocked or where the volume keys are and how the user interfaces with them is just silly.
    It also stops innovation and creativity.

    "Whats that? You want to build a device with a touchscreen!? Ha, good luck paying Apple for the rights to produce THAT!"

    Absolutely ridiculous use of patent laws that are supposed to encourage innovation to instead stifle innovation and competition. Good luck Samsung - I have your old Galaxy Tab (chose it over the iPad because of the greater freedom), and will be ditching my iPhone once off contract because of this shonky behaviour.

    So happy I am done with Apple. Moved to Galaxy S II and it's nice smart phones have grown up and shows the iProne really is a dumb toy.
    This is Apple and how it operates, why else would a company not pay dividends when it has nearly 100BILLION in cash reserves, that's more than most countries.

    I hope android is suing them over the IOS5 notifications bar they copied and pasted from android

    Wow there is a LOT of comments on this one.

    I’ve been waiting for this tab for so long now, and I’m very much not a fan of apple after this low blow. Vision’s of a fat kid in the playground chocolate in hand and a sh#t load of it all over his face chucking a tantrum and crying out to the nearest teacher, “he copied me, he copied me!”

    Another aspect to this patent law business that I’ve noticed is that apple is letting other companies with tablets such as Acer, Toshiba, and of course the closest in look and feel at the moment to the ipad 1&2, the moto Xoom, freely trade in the Australian market with no issue. Apple to me has taken this from a simple thing to a personal issue against Samsung (and HTC but in this case I’m refering to the tab situation alone).

    Do they not notice that this will make customers start backing away from there products then willing become part of apples crazed actions.

    Not cool apple, stop been the spoiled kid that always gets what he wants, and just compete in the market like everyone else. Also I've noticed some of there infringements they refer to are against aspects of Android (which apple won't sue cause they can't make any money from a free OS) and not Samsung design, and lets face it most Android tablets are similar in design and and features and have exactly the same in internals. For me I’m interested in this tab for the aspects that touchwiz will bring to Android such as simple apps been opened within apps (like the calculator app, how smart is that!).

    I'm amazed Android hasn't suied over the mulitasking issue, Android did that from the first version of their OS and did it well, not like Apple that slapped it on at the last minute to keep it users happy.

    I've got a Samsung and there skin on Android includes so much extra like a task manager, easy access to turning on things like WiFi and bluetooth and it all works well. I have to say this phone is the best I've ever owned, I went from a HTC which was brillant and I loved their sence OS, but I found now that Touchwiz has hit its stride.
    This is a reason I am wanting to buy the Galaxy tablet, for the extra bits on Android Samsung added, not because it looks like a ipad, if i wanted and ipad i'd buy one.

    Do you here that Apple, Samsung and Google listens to its customer, instead of bringing out the same looking, tired OS with no real new features.

    Thats funny, im at jb hi-fi right now, and im standing in front of a table that have those ipad clone other than samsung brand.

    Why didn't steve sue them as well?
    What did make steve so afraid of samsung galaxy?

    In NZ I think apple really shot themselves in the foot as apple gear is so expensive. With the iphone especially people said I can't afford an iphone but I want a smartphone and android is cheaper......

    Ie my brother brought an HTC Sensation for or $745 which is good value even buy AU standards.
    So most of my family and friends have droid powered phones.

    Here are in Aussie I'm in the market for a tablet i've looked at all the current offerings. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 so I guess I'll have to wait longer. The which by then the HTC Pucini will be out.

    The iPad2 is nice but really its just a big ipod. IMHO the whole ipod, iphone, ipad experience is dated and has hardly changed since the original ipod touch.
    There are no widgets, and the basic layout you can't change.

    How is the "feel" of any droid device remotely similar to an iphone?

    Ooohhh man !!!! i've been waiting for thi tablet launch in aussie land for months.
    F..u.c.k you Apple !!!!!!!! Never buy your crap again.

    Has apple tried to blocK RIM or Moto tablets from selling n e where ? Big NO ! Apple is doing this b'coz samsung is an asian country and the product is better. I wish steve jobs goes to hell. I have been waiting 4 months for thisand now I can't get it?

    Has apple tried to blocK RIM or Moto tablets from selling n e where ? Big NO ! Apple is doing this b'coz samsung is an asian country and the product is better.. I have been waiting 4 months for thisand now I can't get it?

    Has apple tried to blocK RIM or Moto tablets from selling n e where ? Big NO ! Apple is doing this b'coz samsung is an asian country and the product is better.. I have been waiting 4 months for this and now I can't get it?

    This is getting ridiculous. Copycat my ... Apple is just making a lot of people angry by denying them a possibility to buy a product they wanna have. Shame on apple and jobs

    It appears apple are worried as it is a much better device and they are trying to delay it.
    In my opinion specification wise it is the best Tab on the market (Samsung)

    Why not sue them for using and LCD for the display, i mean this is how petty it's all getting.

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