Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian Release Blocked By Apple, Federal Court

Apple has won a decision in the federal court that prohibits Samsung's Galaxy Tab from going on sale in Australia until patent disputes are resolved. The injunction means no Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch next week, and further expansion to the legal battle over 10 Apple-owned patents covering the touchscreen and "look and feel" of the iPad.

UPDATE: Samsung Adamant That Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Still Come To Australia ‘In The Near Future’

Apple and Samsung are now in court rooms across the US, Germany, UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Apple is also trying to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and some Samsung Android phones) blocked in the US; they're currently bickering over court dates.

Apple's legal counsel slammed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a "copycat tablet," while Samsung said they would argue some of the 10 patents are not even valid in Australia.

The next hearing is scheduled for August 29, and Samsung is required to supply Apple with three Australian 10.1 samples before then. Samsung will stop advertising the device until the matter is resolved, and Apple pays Samsung damages if they lose.

For all the details, check out iTNews, which was at the hearing: [iTnews]| Also: [Bloomberg]



    To be fair, popping in those photos makes it seem like it comes with that 'smart cover' knockoff, when it has already been reported (by Giz also) that they have distanced themselves from it.

      Hmmm, they still suck balls though... #]

        Balls of Fire, Balls of Steel or... Chocolate salty balls? Sorry couldn't help it.

          Ahh South Park, how I miss you!! #]

            2 tablespoons of cinnamon... and 2 or 3 egg whites...

    God I just want to punch Apple in the face!

    I am never going to buy their crap after this stunt. I've been waiting months for this tablet :(

      Buy it on Amazon, get it shipped to a US forwarding company and then onto here.

      My brother did it a mont ago and is loving his unit.

      I must admit, me being a bit of an iPad2 fanboi, it is really nice.

        OMG i want to punch steve in the FACE!

        It will probably be cheaper too, depending on postage! I have trouble trusting the US mail service though!! #]

    HOLD IT!

    LOL Apple, piss Samsung off more that will help

    why does australia always get the short end of the stick. It is bad enough that we had to wait this long and will have to pay more then the us now this crap.

    i have bought a iPad, but now on l will never buy a Apple Product again, that's why l got a Samsung Galaxy s2 and l love it.

    Looking at those pictures (and disregarding the cover thing that isn't even a Samsung product) you'd have to say that the UI isn't even similar to the iPad's. Apple are full of it.

    I hate apple.

    I would normally stand up for Apple. But this is going to far. Really how else is a tablet meant to look like? Looks nothing like a iPad2.

      Exactly! I don't remember Nokia suing absolutely everyone because other phones looked like PHONES!

      Its a tablet... laptop without a keyboard.... how different can that "look and feel"?

      How dare you even say such a thing! To not support Apple is to support the DEVIL!

      Dont say anything against the creator, God Jobs

        You do realise that the logo is an apple with a bite out of it, right?


          my mind = screwed.

    And yet Apple, who have been found guilty in the past of ripping off IP, get to keep selling their portable media monopolies. Pathetic.

    This is going too far. I have an iPhone but when I upgrade will be seriously considering an Android even though I will then have to move my music collection and the apps I bought become useless. you don't dude, you can still put your tunes on an Android phone. Apps are still useless tho.

      It's OK bob, angry birds is ad-supported on android.

      I've just done the same thing, not quite a month ago now, i received my Galaxy S II, in order to replace my iphone 3GS, and i absolutely love it.

      The only downside, as you said, is that i've had to leave a lot of my purchased apps on my itunes account, which are of course, not playable on my android phone, but as Michael above me has said, there's free (albeit ad-supported) version of a bunch of the games i had in the past on iphone, such as all three Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

    I am very disappointed at Apple, they have worked so hard to keep the industry in their control. Firstly by buying out the fabrication plants prohibiting any new innovations to be used by anyone else and creating a slew of patents that try to stifle any competition.

    I am concerned that the new cashed up Apple is trying to dominate and control the market by strangling any competition and keeping a step ahead in technology by buying out entire factories and stopping them from selling to any other suppliers. This is not good for consumers and competition in the long run, but has worked nicely for Apple over the last 8 years.

    There is only so many ways you can design a tablet, before you end up with many variations on the same theme. I think that Apple are scared of Samsung as they have worked around their technology embargo and are one of the few companies around that can afford to fabricate their own parts.

    Apple also argue that the Samsung products look too much like Apple products and this confuses the consumers - do they really think so lowly of consumers? Or is this a way to again control the market?

    about time this happened.. too many people knock off apples stuff and get away with it, good on apple

      As I see it, Apple steals and copies other companies technology.
      Apple has invented nothing.
      The Apple A5 CPU is actually made by Samsung, isn't that funny?

      You are an idiot.

        Who invented what is entirely not the point - who has the legal right is what's on debate. Apple paid for the right to use the A5 chip, and they've brought forward evidence that they feel shows Samsung has been heavily borrowing from their designs - where's the evidence that they've stolen from others, as you see it?

        You should probably check what you're saying before you throw out insults.

          Scott, you dont understand - this is not about what is legally right or wrong - it is about what is morally right or wrong.

          Go back to worshiping Steve Jobs and prepare for the day when the Androids and WP7 supporters burn your house down.

            Are you deluded? You don't think Samsung / Microsoft / HP etc. do this EXACT same thing with their patents? People just like to bash because it's Apple, and plead ignorance otherwise.

              I know that all companies try to get as many patents as they can.
              But do you see other companies using the broken patent system the way Apple tries to use it? By stopping other companies from selling competing products? Even if Samsung wins this, they already lost customers and market share.

              You probably don't know that Apple also sued Nokia and LOST, and had to pay $600 million up front and continue to pay yearly fees to continue using technology INVENTED and DEVELOPED by Nokia.

              There's a huge difference between protecting your patents and going out of your way to sue the competition to prevent their products from launching.

              Insofar as the competition, I don't remember Samsung or the others doing this. Apple's case is flimsy at best.

    Come on it looks lots like the iPad2.

    I think it's about time Apple took a stand with Samsung, they are the worlds biggest copy-cat makers.

    remember this bad boy from a few months ago :

    For people who think there is only one way a tablet can look, then you're not thinking, and that is the problem.

      Flat rectangular slab with rounded corners? That sort of sounds like, y' know, EVERYTHING on the market. Stop being so full of shit. I'm glad Nokia took Apple to task back in '09 and I hope Apple get what's coming to them

        Look at nokia phones or Asus tablets. Those look nothing like apple devices. Thats why they don't have lawsuits up their asses.

          Wait, are you talking about those asus tablets that look like flat handheld screen, much like an ipad or galaxy tab or xoom or streak or...

          They are all the same thing, a screen you can touch. Apple shouldnt be able to hold the monopoly on 'screens you can touch' just because they think it looks like theirs.

          There's this thing you see, called Convergent Evolution. Many products may reach the same goals through vastly different paths.

          Since everyone's trying to reach the "Slim, glass-surfaced touchscreen" form factor, you can't produce something without it looking vaguely like an iPad or any other tablet on the market.

          Apple's not suing Samsung because the 10.1 looks close to their product, they're suing them because from this lot of competitors, Samsung's the one that's scaring them the most.

      How many ways can you wrap a piece of glass in plastic/steel and have a guts behind the screen? Apple wasn't the first on the block with tablets either, so don't pretend they created the form factor.

      Is there ANYONE who has ever bought a $600-$700 tablet and found out it wasn't the product they wanted? They never bothered confirming that it's an iPad? The "SAMSUNG" logo on the box and device never gave it away? The fact the UI looks nothing like IOS didn't clue them in?

      Apple, give your customers some goddamn credit, they aren't that stupid. There is literally no basis for this suit. "Look and Feel" is about as wishy-washy a claim as any and there is absolutely no scenario where someone who wants an iPad will mistakenly purchase a 10.1. None at all.

      It's just a shameless attempt at delaying the launch of their competitor's device and Aussie consumers, some of whom specifically wanting a Honeycomb device, are getting shafted. These were never lost sales for Apple.

        You are correct in that Apple didn't create the tablet; models existed for 10 years before the iPad. Contrary to your claim, however, a multitude of form factors existed prior to the iPad:
        Problem is, none of them sold until the iPad. Apple designed something that didn't look like its predecessors and people bought millions.

        In a desperate gambit to, you know, sell something, tablet manufacturers retool to mimic the iPad, counting on fools like you to declare "It's so obvious! How else would someone build a tablet?!". If it was so obvious, why didn't Samsung create the Galaxy before the iPad? If there are no other possible form factors, why is there a decade of failed tablets in a Chinese landfill?

        Apple has a right to protect it's innovations, just like its competitors sue Apple (practically daily) to protect their innovations. In this case, Apple has the legal and moral grounds to prevent the theft of their industry-defining innovation.


      Is there more than one Noo?.. There must be... The depth of understanding and clarity of comment cannot simply be attributed to one Noo... There must be a heard of Noos... Or should I think laterally... No Noos is good Noos?!

    I actually had a play with both products side by side... Apple are on crack!
    if they want to use generic terms like 'look and feel', it LOOKS about as similar as every other tablet out there, and it FEELS nothing like the iPad...
    Apple are basically just sabotaging what they obviously see as a better product (because it is.)

    Apple are seriously losing the plot. I preferred them when they were the underdog. Now that they're fighting to be the Alpha Dog with anyone who comes their way I'm not so proud to be a Mac user.
    Please, Apple, continue innovating but stop wasting your energy on trivial law suits. All your doing is pissing off more consumers and making your lawyers rich.

    Oh, you can't be serious. Screw saving up for a Mac anymore... going the hackintosh, screw playing fair.

    Danny, Do you know what happens know to the media launch scheduled for the 11 August? have you heard anything from Samsung?

    Also im still not clear if samsung can proceed with the launch provided they provide apple with samples 7 days before the launch or if they have to wait till the 29 August?

    I don't see what Apple are so worried about. All these iPad-wannabes will never pose a threat to the iPad. Last thing I read was that the Motorola Xoom, a tablet that was meant to take on the iPad, was being outsold 25:1. Not exactly good. Probably the same thing will happen to any android tablet...

      So? The mobile market began the same way. The earliest G1 Android phone looked nothing like an iPhone, and the first few models couldn't compete.

      Fast forward to 2011 and Android is now outselling IOS. Don't discount another platform simply because it came out on an already crowded market.

    Just checked...Theres this thing called a Motorola Xoom on sale with Telstra at the moment. I thought it was an ipad because the guy was holding a flat screen and touching it.

    block products for stealing ideas

    add android's notification system and widgets to iOS

      Yes I laughed at those iOS changes when i read them too. Hope google sues Apple into the ground for that one.

      Althought they probably wont since Android is considered Open Source, but I'm not completely clear on how that works legaly.

    serious wtf is wrong with apple?! cant they just sort out their cluster%&#* and let people do what they want?

    I read somewhere that part of the lawsuit refers to such things as "slide to unlock"... thats not even a device specific function. It's a UI tweak available from various android UI's and apps.

    Apple is simply retarded. How come all the car companies arn't sueing each other because all cars have 4 wheels?
    These gadget/ technology companies seem to simply have too much money to spend on lawyers. Why not spend it on better cheaper products or give it to charity ffs.

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