RC Combat-Bot Straight Out Of Call Of Duty

Killstreak Reward! The RC-XD in Call of Duty: Black Ops is a remote-controlled bomb so fun to use that it's no surprise the US government's been drooling over the combat potential of bots like the new iRobot 110 IRL.

Like the RC-XD, the backpack-bot is agile, quick and tough with the ability to survive 4.5m drops and a whole lot of banging around. The bot is primarily designed for surveillance and comes equipped with four built-in cameras. The idea, as you'll see in the video above, is that a soldier will toss one of these boys into unknown or unsurveyable territory, and that the bot will do the work of peeking around corners or monitoring the action.

Unfortunately, these bots aren't being marketed as bombs — YET. But according to the tech-specs (PDF), it's equipped for destructive payloads up to a 0.2kg. That's enough for a big boom, or at least enough to self-destruct when the 6-10 hours of battery life is up. [iRobot via Wired]

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