Photojojo Tilt-Shift Camera Review: Who Needs Instagram?

Photojojo Tilt-Shift Camera Review: Who Needs Instagram?

Tilt-shift photography has been a buzzy little internet thing for quite a while — but it always requires a mobile app filter, some Photoshop muckery, or an extremely expensive lens. Not anymore! This tiny cam instantly creates the real thing.


It works. Really well. The Tilt-Shift Camera creates wonderful tilt-shift photos. And what else matters? The quality isn’t the greatest, but that adds to the look, frankly. A little grainy, a little oversaturated, but lovely looking. The 5MP cam is the size of a deck of cards, and still manages to pack manual image controls (white balance, saturation, etc). None of this really matters though. The cam is dirt cheap ($US150) and does exactly what it says — no faux filters required. Make your world look like a toy set.

No Like

It’s a gimmick camera — though this is a given. Unless you want tilt-shifted photos, you have absolutely no reason to use this. The lens is hardwired to shoot shifted images, so there’s no way to swap to any kind of normal mode. The touted video mode is also complete shit. The quality is so piss poor that any tilt-shift effect is lost — it just looks like creepy ’90s webcam video.

Last Word

For $US150, you’re getting a really great toy. Tilt-shift photos are terrific, and the LCD screen is so mediocre that you’ll recapture some of the fun of disposable point-and-shoot spontaneity. And above all, you’ll feel superior to your friends who have to rely on Instagram to fake it. [Photojojo]