OkCupid Adds Location Feature For Quick Shags, Romantic Dates

Last month we discovered that OkCupid is pretty much the only dating site you should consider if you're a hipster/nerd. If you're particularly after the nerdlinger demographic, their new geolocation feature for Android and iOS apps will aid you in your search for true love.

True love, or a hetero-shag a la Grindr, anyway. The apps will locate other OkCupid users within your proximity, whether they match your interests or not (you can toggle the security settings, obviously). Once you've found someone whose profile catches your eye, you can either chat with them, swap some photos and arrange a date.

The "Locals" feature has gone live for both apps now, so go have a browse and find out whether your hallmate has an OkCupid profile or not. [iTunes and Android Market via Phandroid]

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