NSW Drivers Fined Over $13 Million For Using Phones

Apparently it’s not only GPS devices distracting drivers on the roads. Around 23 per cent of NSW motorists admit to still taking a call or checking a text while driving, according to new research from insurance firm, Bingle, and Newspoll. Maybe my Melbourne friends are right when they bitch about Sydney drivers?

Who knows — the data only covers NSW – but I’m thinking it’d average out pretty equally nationally. What about you?

Bingle notes that drivers cop a $265 fine and three demerit points for getting caught using phones – more if you’re in a school zone. So it’s not cheap if you’re caught, let alone the safety concern.

And this is interesting: they say that “Those who use their smartphone as a GPS also need to be aware the legislation does not make a distinction for this. If you don’t have a dedicated GPS navigation system, it is best to have a co-pilot use the phone to direct you while you drive.”

Huh, I didn’t know that.

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