Nose Jobs Have Come A Long Way

Oh, how we laughed at that Japanese vibrating-muzzle which promises to de-flare nostrils and give users the pert nose they always dreamed of. But back in ye olden German days, potato/saddle/duckbill/hook noses were being fixed by this scary contraption.

Dug up by the Vintage Ads LiveJournal, the text under the pictorials apparently reads:

"SUCH NOSE ERRORS and similar will be quite significantly improved with the orthopedic nose former "Zello". The new and improved Model 20 exceeds all others. Double-layered padding clings exactly to the anatomical structure of the nose so that the affected nasal cartilage is normal-shaped in a short time. (Bone deformities are not.) Most warmly recommended by Royal Court Advisor Dr. G. von Eck, M.D. and other medical authorities. 100,000 "Zello" in use. Price 5 Marks, 7 Marks, and 10 Marks and a 10% surcharge for a doctor's visit. (A model or impression is desired.) Specialist L. M. Baginski, Berlin W. 126, WInterfeldstr."

Sheisse! [LiveJournal via Boing Boing]

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